IBI Data Receives Top Tier Score from AIB

IBI Data achieved an excellent score of 945 out of a potential 1,000 points, among the highest possible, from AIB International. AIB certifications are recognized by food manufacturers and distributors as a measure of world-class food safety programs. IBI Data first achieved the Superior rating in 2011 and has continued to receive outstanding scores for food safety each year since then.

Geoff Smith, president of IBI Data, said, “The team sets a high standard every day and it’s reflected in the excellent score they achieved. This score puts us in the top 10% of facilities like ours. This kind of excellence and attention to detail is important to our clients as they look to us to handle their growing e- commerce and food sampling needs. Times like these with shortages and supply line disruptions have made for extra challenges for our clients, but they’ve also created new opportunities for them to break out of traditional channels and try new things. There’s no other company that understands the convergence of data, technology, and the foodservice world like IBI Data or can execute complex projects as well. In a time when our clients may be struggling to add needed workers, we make it possible for them to maximize what their staff is good at and outsource their headaches to us.”

“I’m excited to see this play out in our newest service. We have a program starting that provides highly targeted lead creation, sampling and promotions to restaurants that are getting ready to open their doors. This will give our clients a chance to be part of a new restaurant’s menu on day one,” said Smith.

“We’ve seen incredible growth in the e-commerce services that we provide to our clients. They need someone they can trust as they look to establish new channels for their products. A strong score like this is just one more way they know they can rely on us to handle their food products,” said Nathan Redman, vice president of IBI Data, “We’re continuously improving and meeting new client needs in the industry such as GS1 food photography, ecommerce fulfillment, promotions, inside sales, etc. Our clients have a lot of demands and priorities they’re juggling; the expertise we provide, all under one roof, saves them an incredible amount of time and helps them grow their business.”

Since 1986, IBI Data has constantly innovated and worked with their clients and partners to drive cost savings while expanding the wide variety of services they provide that help manufacturers reach their sales goals.