100% Renewable Electricity Powers IBI Data in 2020

Brownsdale MN, January 28, 2021 –

With the close of 2020, IBI Data celebrated its first full year of being 100% powered by renewable energy. In late 2019, IBI Data installed a 40 KW pollinator-friendly solar array and completed a major lighting retrofit. Combined, these upgrades reduced its energy demand from the grid by 63%. The 40 KW solar array is the maximum output that can take full advantage of net metering benefits. To cap its renewable energy commitment, and in conjunction with Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services, IBI Data has purchased Renewable Energy Credits from the local 1.5 MW Solar Array for everything not generated on-site.

“Freeborn-Mower has been a great partner for us as we’ve made the transition to clean energy. I hope to see more businesses and communities make the switch to 100% renewable electricity. It’s all gone incredibly smoothly,” Geoff Smith, president of IBI Data said. “The first phases of the project led to substantial savings while also being the right thing to do for our state and the wider environment. We were able to leverage tax credits, grants, and state financing to make this cash flow positive from day 1.”

Bryan Skogheim, Manager of Business Development at Freeborn-Mower Cooperative Services said, “IBI Data is leading the way. They’re incredibly innovative and in fact they’ve pushed us to finalize how we are handling Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)– they’re the first for us. Not everyone wants to invest in efficiency improvements or install their own solar arrays as IBI Data has – that means RECs are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to achieve, ‘Green Goals’. I hope to see more people following their example.”

“Our clients are as concerned about the planet as anyone, they want a partner that shares their values while controlling costs,” said Nathan Redman, Vice President of IBI Data. “The staff here takes pride in giving back and in being good stewards of the places we live and work. We’ve recently expanded our eco-friendly offerings such as biodegradable coolers for frozen sampling and we continue to increase the awareness and use of our digital rebate systems which significantly reduces paper.”

IBI Data was founded in 1986 by Katherine Harte and provides data driven marketing services to manufacturers and businesses from around the world. IBI Data specializes in the foodservice sector and provides a wide array of services including: web design, e-commerce, food-safe warehousing, sample fulfillment, lead qualification and follow-up, rebate processing, loyalty programs, telemarketing, direct marketing, customized databased solutions, and web-based applications, and many others. Its innovative web services, such as FSPromos4u.com and foodserviceimages.com, have continued the expansion of what major foodservice manufacturers can do with industry partners and customers. IBI Data has received multiple awards for being one of the best places to work in Minnesota and the region.

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