Operator Insight™ Operator Insight™

Operator Insight™ is a proprietary tool we use to begin to identify the right operators. By exporting all your data records into this tool, it enables you to analyze your data, create customer clusters based on your criteria and look at gap analysis of your data base vs. industry captures. With this tool you can easily identify: who are you selling; who are you not selling; how many categories is an operator using; how many and which promotions did an operator participate in.

Operator Tactical Database™ Operator Tactical Database™

Katherine Harte was a database marketing pioneer over 20 years ago when she first formed IBI Data. Today each of our clients uses our Sixth Generation Operator Tactical Database™ to gain unprecedented visibility of exactly what each operator is doing and how each campaign is measuring up against their goals. The power and clarity of our Operator Tactical Database™ combined with the depth and flexibility of our services gives our clients the ability to quickly take advantage of sudden changes in their market, completing Katherine’s vision of providing the industry with a database marketing company that can handle all a client’s sales and marketing needs, under one roof.